Internet and the Digital Economy

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1. Background

The Internet and Digital Economy (I&DE) track focuses on the ways in which the Internet affects people, groups, organizations, and societies (e.g., markets, social networks), as well as fundamental issues in the development and operation of the Internet and Internet applications (e.g., security, open source, and cloud).

Like many other tracks at HICSS I&DE has a long history. It began as a Tutorial in 1995 at the start of the 1996 is was part of a larger track and became a standalone track in 1997. Over the years there have been over 60 different minitracks held and over 1100 research papers delivered. Among the variety of minitracks some of the key mainstays have included: E-Marketing, Online and Virtual Communities, Online and Cyber Security, Open Movements, Social Networks, Online Diffusion and Innovation, Web Analytics and general issues of E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce and the Digital Economy.

In 2013-14 interest in both the areas of Open Movements and Social Networks were sufficient to support the initiation of standalone tracks in these areas and their associated spinoff from ID&E.

2. This Year

This year the track includes eight minitracks:

  • Customer Analytics and Data-Led Omnichannel Commerce: Examines the use of customer analytics and business practices to understand and address issues arising in the multitude of channels facing both today’s online and offline commerce.
  • Digital Supply Chain of the Future: Technologies, Applications and Business Models: Focuses on the rise and impact of the agile supply chain and the concomitant rise in smart products and services.
  • Diffusion, Impacts, Adoption and Usage of ICTs upon Society: Provides a “global” perspective of how ICTs are being diffused, used and adopted within society (households and social communities).
  • Electronic Marketing: Focuses on understanding effective strategies for attracting customers, increasing their purchases, satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the responses and behavior of customers to various online marketing vehicles and consumer generated media.
  • Global, International, and Cross Cultural Issues in IS: Focuses on the sociotechnical dynamics and the ways in which the Internet affects people, groups, organizations, and societies with particular emphasis on in the impact of global, international, and cross-cultural issues on ICT development, implementation and use across the globe.
  • Innovative Behavioral IS Security and Privacy Research: Provides a venue for innovative research that rigorously addresses the risks to information system security and privacy, with a specific focus on individual behaviors within this nomological net. Domains include work related to detecting, mitigating, and preventing both internal and external human threats to organizational security.
  • Online Games and Game-Like Systems: Investigates the use of information system concepts, theories, methods, tools and practices in the design, use and impact of online digital games for play, commerce, and work.
  • Social Shopping: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Explores insights and develops theoretical understanding of the topics and issues related to the influence of OSN on consumption orientated shopping decisions.
  • Transformation toward Cloud Computing: Investigates the rise and use of Cloud Computing to support critical business and company-wide transformations.
  • Wearable Technology and the Internet of Everything: Addresses issues related to the coming of the: IoE, IoT and IoP including and other things consumer adoption of wearable and embeddable technologies.

3. The Future

A number of the minitracks in this year’s edition of I&DE track are bellweathes of the topics of interest to researchers interested in future developments of the internet, as well as electronic, mobile and social commerce. While mainstay areas like E-Marketing and Online and Cyber Security will continue to be of interest, increased focus will be aimed at areas of rapidly rising interest like:

  • Internet of Things
  • Omnichannel Supply Chain and Customer Engagement
  • Web Analytics, Mining and Visualization
  • Online Big-Data Sources and Analysis
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile and Crypto-Currencies and Financial Instruments (e.g., Bitcoin)

Track Chairs:

David King
JDA Software Group, Inc.
14400 N. 87th Street
Scottsdale AZ 85260-3649
Tel: (480) 308-3000
Fax: (480) 308-3001

Alan Dennis
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University
1309 East Tenth Street
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Tel: (812) 855-2691
Fax: (812) 856-3355