Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2017

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On behalf of the global community of researchers who have brought HICSS to what it is today, we would like to welcome you to the 50th anniversary conference.

It is a major milestone for a research conference to last this long, given the rapid change in computer technologies. HICSS began in 1968, with a mission to explore new frontiers of computer systems. Having gotten off to a good start, HICSS gathered top scientists from academia, industry, and governmental institutions with over 100 papers. One could notably recognize among seminal contributions, the works of Vincent Cerf, co-inventor of TCP/IP, Leonard Kleinrock, inventor of packet switching and hierarchical routing, Larry Roberts, developer of communication networks, and Dennis Ritchie who created the C programming language and also a co-creator of the UNIX operating system. Subsequently, their collaborative work on the development of the Internet was rewarded with the Draper Award – known as the Nobel Prize in Engineering, the Turing Award, and U.S. National Medals in Technology, to name a few. The number of seminal works has continued to grow since then, along with increasing numbers of HICSS authors receiving recognitions, accordingly.

From its inception to present, the HICSS conference has published a staggering 19,000 refereed papers, a most impressive list of distinguished speakers, and a comprehensive set of symposia, workshops and tutorials.

For all of its accomplishments, HICSS has been and continues to be the venue of choice for researchers – seniors and novices – to showcase their cutting-edge research. This year, we are looking forward to the presentations of another set of outstanding papers, 635 in all (an acceptance rate of <48%). Thanks to reviewers, minitrack chairs, and track chairs who contributed to the selection process.

As a forerunner in techno-logical innovations, HICSS continues to shape the fields of computer applications today. Emerging topics take precedence over mature ones, and teams of researchers continue their work in building a massive database, cataloguing 50 years of worth of contributions from HICSS in order to measure the impact of the conference. Please visit our website to access our resources and conduct your own analysis.

As HICSS looks to its next 50 years, we call for your continued participation and support in sustaining the conference on its mission.

Tung Bui and Ralph Sprague, Conference Co-Chair

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