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    Creating an organizational culture that fosters corporate social responsibility and sustainability
    ([Honolulu] : [University of Hawaii at Manoa], [December 2010], 2010-12) Lyulkin, Svetlana
    Through this thesis, I hope to present a clear understanding of how a business can effectively instill Corporate Social Responsibility practices throughout its operations without resorting to 'idealist' strategies that cause more harm than good, without sacrificing profitability or progress. It is important to remember that a company first needs to 'do well' in order to 'do good'--reminding us that a business must operate profitably to be able to effectively and positively serve its stakeholders and society. It is therefore a pragmatic deduction that "organizations can play an effective role in ameliorating social misery," by formulating and enforcing a strategy that generates both profits and societal benefits in the long-run.
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    Study of hedge fund industry and its return from 1990 to 2006
    ( 2007-12) Pant, Hari H.
    Though the hedge funds are portrayed as risky investment instruments, the average is much higher and standard deviation of their returns is much lower than that of the SPX. The Sharpe ratio of different hedge fund strategies is much higher as well than that of SPX and the correlation between the SPX and different hedge fund strategies is low. Hedge fund strategies are able to produce significant amount of alpha when analyzed by single factor and multi factor model. Some of the disadvantages of hedge fund are that the correlation increases during the hour of crisis so that the hedge fund returns and market return move in tandem during such market turmoil and that their returns show non norma1ity and are generally negatively skewed with high kurtosis.
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    Identification of a niche market for 3D nanoforest using systematic market research and competitive business analysis
    ( 2007-05) Govindaraju, Thanigaiarasu
    Nanotechnology! Oceanit, Hawaii's premier scientific engineering firm has decided to venture into this newfound opportunity that promises enormous potential for a myriad of applications in diverse fields. They are in the process of identifying a niche market for their prototype 3D Nanoforest, which could to be the next generation Carbon/Graphite. In this study, comprehensive market research and competitive business analysis was conducted to identity and validate the niche market. The entire research project was under the personal guidance of Mr. Ian Kitajima, Marketing Manager at Oceanit Inc.
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    The value co-creation crossroad of service-dominant logic and network theory
    ( 2007-05) Akaka, Melissa A.
    Conventional models of economic exchange limit the understanding of value-creation to a firm's output and the price a person is willing to pay, value-in-exchange. The present research addresses the inadequacies of such models through the synthesis of two growing streams of marketing thought, service-dominant logic and network theory. At this crossroad, a framework for value co-creation is presented, which suggests that service is the underlying basis of all exchange and that the service recipient (e.g., customer) ultimately derives and determines value, through value-in-use. The proposed model unites value-in-exchange and value-in-use under one process of value co-creation, which is composed of three elements, the accessibility, adaptability and integratability of operant resources (e.g., knowledge and skills), within a system of service-for-service exchange. Seven research propositions are presented based on the notions that value derived through co-creation is heterogeneous for each actor and influenced by the configuration and quality of its surrounding network.
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