ScaffoldSQL: Using Parson’s Problems to Support Database Pedagogy

Borchert, Otto
Walia, Gursimran
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This paper examines ScaffoldSQL, an interactive tool for helping students learn SQL through a system of interactive scaffolded exercises using Parson’s problems. In the system, students are posed with a problem to solve using SQL. They start by attempting to answer the question using free-form text. If they get the problem wrong, they can use a Parson’s problem interface to simplify the problem. After completing the problem, students are given one of two “secret words,” which allows instructors to track student progress without the need to install anything beyond their typical LMS. The system is designed to help instructors of flipped classrooms identify students who are struggling early, while simultaneously providing immediate feedback for students as they are learning. The system also provides tools for content creation and data gathering for research and development purposes.
Industry, Quality, and Social Issues (IQSI), flipped classroom, immediate feedback, parson's problems, scaffolded instruction, sql
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