Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2022

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Welcome to the proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

The lingering pandemic has forced HICSS55 to go virtual again for the second year. But it has not deterred the determination of our researchers to address the increasing role of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). For the fifty-fifth edition of the HICSS proceedings, there were 1,553 submissions, another record, defying the challenges created by the pandemic.

In addition to the 10 established tracks, HICSS-55 features two invited tracks, Location Intelligence which has emerged as an important set of concepts, tools and techniques with increasingly critical applications in the private, public and non-profit sectors. The entire geospatial industry has grown to be a worldwide market of more than half a trillion dollars, fueled by advances in GIS spatial technology and a growing demand by organizations for use of location analytics across a spectrum of industries. One of this year’s keynote is to address the critical role of GIS in monitoring and containing the spread of COVID-19. As the world goes digital at an accelerating speed, HICSS55 welcomes back the Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T), with a focus on improving today’s and future systems and software, in the shadow of social distancing.

A word cloud of the titles and abstracts of the 1,553 papers submitted for this year reveals some of the most popular topics addressed by the researchers for this year:

  • Digital innovation: The digital economy continues to be one of the key research themes, its markets and future trends, the values and risks of its online communication platforms, its implications for collaboration communities and teamwork, and the likes. Topics related to the technologies and use of business analytics have slowly come of age, and this year’s research zooms in cutting-edge research on virtual reality, smart service systems, process mining, aspects of applied artificial intelligence to include machine learning, robot interaction, and decision support.
  • Research methodologies: A variety of research methods and their effectiveness in dealing with I.T. problems and issues, from design science research, digital business modeling, social network analysis, data governance in private and public sectors to software technology and systems development methodologies ( IoT, gaming, hybrid methods, visual technologies, augmented reality, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity with issues related to trust, threats and mitigation.

But the pandemic has undeniably in the mind of many researchers. HICSS55 features a substantial number of COVID-induced research: the economic and social impacts of Zoom-enabled remote workplace, distance learning in software education and training, the upside and downside of the rise of social media, the increasing threat of fake news, and the resilient movement to fight against the proliferation of misinformation, and work from home, and issues of ICT-generated inequality.

Inquisitive readers will find in this 7,803-page-rich proceedings an invaluable resource for their research. If one conservatively assumes that a refereed paper would require a six-person-month effort, the 2022 HICSS proceedings is the result of over 350 person-years of time invested by researchers worldwide.

Every member of HICSS O’hana (family) has contributed to the growth of HICSS. The growing community is comprised of many researchers holding senior editorial positions in leading research journals in the field such as MISQ, MISQE, JMIS, JAIS, ACM Journals, Decision Sciences, GDNSS, and with industry and government affiliations such as IBM, ESRI, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, US Department of Energy, Department of Defense, US Air Force Research Laboratory, Naval Information Warfare Center, Pacific. Despite a difficult year, this year's conference is partially sponsored by NSA.

As you are browsing this massive HICSS55 proceedings, please keep exploring earlier editions of the conference. The number of downloads from our last five proceedings distributed through ScholarSpace at the University of Hawaii library and AIS eLibrary have grown over 2.6 million.

I would like to acknowledge the co-creation of HICSS-55 Proceedings by the HICSS community.

  • 2,233 authors of 759 research papers addressing a broad-ranging set of topics;
  • 2,601 reviewers (double-blinded review);
  • 483 Minitrack Chairs;
  • 22 Track Chairs; and
  • A dedicated staff at the Information Technology Department of the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

We are looking forward to continue working with the community of researchers to advance the mission of HICSS – that is to provide a venue where ideas meet and science speaks.

Tung Bui,Conference Chair
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