Emerging Topics in Electronic Government Minitrack

The e-Government Emerging Topics minitrack provides a home for incubating new topics and trends in e- Government research. E-Government as an academic field is evolving; new directions of research and practice are emerging while others are becoming accepted as foundational. However, the foundations of the field still need to be spelled out more explicitly and rigorously. The E-Government Emerging Topics minitrack seeks submissions, in particular, that contribute to the evolution of e-Government research and to the clarification of the field or address novel issues, trends and uses of technology.

Submissions must speak specifically to how the work presented contributes to our understanding of this emerging field. Topics and research areas include but are not limited to:

  • The conceptual and practice-based boundaries and foundations of the field of e-Government
  • Agendas for e-Government research and research roadmaps
  • Deep and innovative theoretical reflections about e-government
  • Foundations and research methodologies for the study of e-Government
  • e-law and e-justice
  • E-diplomacy
  • The Internet of Things
  • The nature of inter and multidisciplinary research designs in e-Government
  • e-government education and competencies
  • ICT-enabled policy making and e-government policy
  • Robotic technology in and for government
  • ICT-enabled organizational forms/networked e-government
  • New insights in mobile to legacy/non-mobile application integration
  • Mobility and e-government transformation: Challenges and opportunities
  • Sensor technology in government
  • Data-and evidence driven public policy and decision making
  • Archiving and preservation of government records in digital form, in particular for small organizations
  • IT, government, and an aging population
  • Societal challenges and e-Government, for instance, engaging citizens through technology
  • Government as a platform
  • Other topics as appropriate to the purposes of the minitrack

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Theresa A. Pardo (Primary Contact)
Center for Technology in Government, SUNY
Email: tpardo@ctg.albany.edu

Elin Whiborg
Linkoping University, Sweden
Email: elin.wihlborg@liu.se

Lei Zhang
Fudan University, China
Email: zhengl@fudan.edu.cn

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