Honors 491:Sustainability Courtyard / Campus Engagement

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This course provides students with the opportunity to explore sustainability through active engagement on campus projects. Students will investigate how sustainability is influencing education, research, and service and critically analyze challenges and opportunities at UHM. The class will collaborate with UHM faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students in the planning and organization of projects that contribute to UHM's sustainability goals and objectives and engage the campus community.

Course Description

The course emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge and highlights principles and practices in sustainability. The course incorporates current efforts at infusing sustainability into UHM research, instruction, and service learning while building on the momentum generated by institution-wide consultations, particularly the UHM Charter of Sustainability: Stewardship Based on Island Values, the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Task Force created by the State Legislature, and the initiatives of the Mānoa Sustainability Corps.

The course requires participation in projects that contributed to the research, instruction, and service mission of the Environmental Center, and support campus engagement focused on the UHM Sustainability Courtyard. Students will work collaboratively on identified projects, as well as individual research and service-learning projects developed with community sponsors and/or faculty partners.


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