Place-based Writing across the Disciplines

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Engaging Writing Students through Geographic Place

Over two years, 17 instructors and 32 students from 16 different departments in writing intensive courses in which at least one writing assignment focused on local geography were video interviewed about teaching and learning, using standardized questionnaires. Their responses were edited into 680 discrete video clips that were then coded and tagged by a team of English graduate students and their instructor.

These video clips comprise the Collections in this Scholarspace Community, augmented by keywords and abstracts to contribute to national and international research communities in Writing across the Curriculum (WAC)/Writing in the Disciplines (WID) as well as researchers investigating place-based writing. We also situate this research with respect to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), so that the contributions of students and teachers in these clips can support teachers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and elsewhere in developing writing assignments, courses, and curricula that tap geographic place to boost student engagement.

To see the course description for each sub-community and gain more context for interpreting the video clips, please click on the course name and title below. To see the UHM web page for faculty, click on their names. To see the writing assignment students chose for use in their interviews, click on the student's collection. For a full depiction of our research methodologies, theoretical grounding, documentation of the project, research participants, and research team bio’s, please visit our website:

Place-based WAC/WID