Organizational Systems and Technology

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The Organizational Systems and Technology Track has the following minitracks:

  • Advances in Design Science Research
  • Advances in Trust Research: How Context and Digital Technologies Matter
  • AI, Organizing and Management
  • Blockchain Cases and Innovations
  • Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Big Data: Innovation, Deployment, and Management
  • Business Process Technology
  • Dark Sides of Information Technology Use
  • Data Analytics, Leadership, Business Values
  • Digital Innovation, Transformation, and Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Transformations of Business Operations
  • Enterprise Ecosystem: Extending and Integrating Technology Serving the Enterprise
  • Enterprise-level Information Systems Research
  • Informing Research: Engaging with Futures
  • IT Governance and its Mechanisms
  • Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems
  • Metaverse
  • Organizational Cybersecurity: Advanced Cyber Defense, Cyber Analytics, and Security Operations
  • Practice-based IS Research
  • Social Good and Ill: Implications for Research, Practice, and Policy
  • Socio-Technical Issues in Organizational Information Technologies
  • Special Topics in Organizational Systems and Technology
  • Strategy, Information, Technology, Economics, and Society (SITES)
  • Technological, Educational, and Organizational Impacts of Global Crises
  • Social Impact and Information Systems
  • Social-Technical Issues in Organizational Information Technologies

The Organizational Systems and Technology Track is the largest track at HICSS. It is also the most eclectic, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Enterprise Ecosystems to Social Impact and Information Systems. Much like the information systems field, there are new topics every year. Many of the topics relate closely to what is currently “hot” in the world of practice, such as AI, digital platforms, and concerns about the misuse of technology. Others like IT governance have a timeless value. The Topics in Organizational Systems and Technology minitrack contains papers that do not fit neatly into any of the other minitracks.

Hugh J. Watson
University of Georgia

Dorothy E. Leidner
Baylor University