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    ( 2020) Medeiros, Rebecca Foster ; Royer, David J. ; Special Education
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    Taiwanese mothers' perception of teenagers with mild-moderate mental retardation
    ( 2006-08) Huang, Ying-Ting
    The purpose of this qualitative study was to investigate the perceptions of 10 Taiwanese mothers that have children with mild-moderate mental retardation as their children enter into their teenage years (13-15), with a particular focus on the issues of education, social competence, and family relationship. In addition, this study also examined whether these 10 mothers have altered their attitudes toward persons with disabilities after having children with disabilities. Through this study, the researcher found out current perceptions of Taiwanese mothers toward their young teenagers with mental retardation. The results of this study can serve as a resource that may help special education and rehabilitation services providers to gain a better understanding of the Taiwanese population when they are working with families and young teenagers from Taiwan.
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    Challenges from transitional sheltered workshops to community workplaces: perspectives of Taiwan social enterprises
    ( 2006-08) Hsu, Tsu-Hsuan
    The purpose of my interview study was to investigate and describe the challenges to competitive employment encountered by four major Taiwan nonprofit organizations. These challenges were presented solely from the perspective of the employment assistants and employment supervisors, who were assisting in transitioning young adults with mild-moderate mental retardation from their transitional sheltered workshops to community-based workplaces. The results of this study offered a rich knowledge that could be used by personnel from social enterprises when they encountered challenges from parents, young adults with disabilities, employees without disabilities, and employers. This study also provided valuable information for personnel who provided transitional services to young adults seeking work in the community.
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    A View From Inside: Perspectnes Of School Violence From High School Students With A History Of Violent Behavior At School
    ( 2004-05) Stewart, Corissa
    This study examined high school students' perspectives on school violence. Data were collected over three focus groups. Two of the groups were comprised of six students, all with a history of violent behaviors. The third focus group was comprised of six special education teachers. This study was conducted in part because of the dichotomy that existed between teachers and students perceptions of school violence in the literature. However, the results of this study indicated that participants in this particular study had consistent perceptions of school violence. Results of this study also indicated that the participants did not feel their school was a safe environment due to the frequency of bullying and fighting that occurred on campus. Both teachers and students agreed that the number one reason for fighting on campus was to demand respect from peers. Participants in all three groups also agreed that the crowds which surrounded fights served to exacerbate the problems. These findings are consistent with much of the current literature on violence prevention, and indicate a continued need for more research in this area.
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    The relationship between teachers' perceived levels of cultural difference and their expectations of culturally diverse students
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2003-05) Picklesimer, Tammie L. ; Jenkins, Amelia ; Special Education
    Culturally diverse students are disproportionately referred to special education programs. Research suggests that referrals may be based on inappropriate assessments, socioeconomic status, low expectations, and negative teacher biases. The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a relationship between teachers' perceived level of cultural difference and their expectations of culturally diverse students. A Likert-type survey was utilized to gather information from teachers across the United States. The findings concentrated on reporting data that indicated the level of similarities or differences the teachers felt towards culturally diverse students and how those feelings affected expectations. A comparison was also conducted to determine if multicultural training increased cultural competence, thus positively influencing teachers' perceptions.
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    Social stories and apron storytelling: the effects on self-managed coping strategies of a child that experienced chronic school difficulties
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2003-05) Haggerty, Natalie K. ; Smith, Garnett ; Special Education
    This study examined the effects of a social story and apron storytelling intervention on the self-managed coping strategies of a child who experienced chronic school difficulties. Treatment was implemented five times per week and consisted of 10 minutes of systematic instruction, which included reading a social story and using the apron storytelling technique to dramatically enhance the story's oration. Results revealed a decrease in the frequency, duration and intensity of frustration behaviors exhibited by the child after instruction of the intervention. These findings support recommendations for using social stories and apron storytelling to guide the development of self-managed coping strategies for children who experience chronic school difficulties.