Knowledge Transfer in a Management Process for Outsourced Agile Software Development

De Brito, Maylon F.
Da Costa Figueiredo, Rejane Maria
Venson, Elaine
Dias Canedo, Edna
M. Ribeiro Junior, Luiz Carlos
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The outsourcing of IT services is a reality in the Brazilian Government administration. One of the critical aspects of outsourcing software development services is the transfer of knowledge. The purpose of \ this work was to define procedures for knowledge transfer in an outsourced software development \ process based on the Scrum framework. This is a descriptive research, in which elements for knowledge \ transfer were identified from a systematic review of the literature, eSCM practices, agile software development services contracts, and the Brazilian normative. The definition of procedures involved activities, tasks and artifacts, based on the SECI model and bibliographic and documentary research. The main contribution of this paper is showing how these knowledge transfer elements can be introduced in an outsourced agile development process, through the application of the SECI model.
Knowledge Transfer, Agile, eSCM, Outsourcing, SECI Cycle
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