Digital Transformation and Improvement of Business Processes with Internet of Things: A Maturity Model for Assessing Readiness

Stoiber, Christoph
Schönig, Stefan
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Companies of all industrial sectors are increasingly integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology into their processes to realize a data-driven transformation of their businesses. The generation and use of comprehensive process data in real-time and the connection of process entities enables an improvement and beneficial redesign of business processes of all kinds. However, a goal-oriented exploitation of IoT technology for digital transformation and Business Process Improvements (BPI) is challenging due to the complexity of integrating IoT into existing processes. Companies require appropriate guidance to evaluate and scope their initiatives regarding IoT-based BPI. We therefore propose a holistic IoT-based BPI Maturity Model that assists organizations to determine their current state and get assistance to optimize or develop specific capabilities. This paper provides an overview about the structured development process of the maturity model comprising an extensive literature review and a six-round Delphi study.
Making Digital Transformation Real, business process improvement, business process management, digital transformation, internet of things, maturity model
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