Digital Twins: A Meta-Review on Their Conceptualization, Application, and Reference Architecture

Rossmann, Alexander
Hertweck, Dieter
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The concept of digital twins (DTs) is receiving increasing attention in research and management practice. However, various facets around the concept are blurry, including conceptualization, application areas, and reference architectures for DTs. A review of preliminary results regarding the emerging research output on DTs is required to promote further research and implementation in organizations. To do so, this paper asks four research questions: (1) How is the concept of DTs defined? (2) Which application areas are relevant for the implementation of DTs? (3) How is a reference architecture for DTs conceptualized? and (4) Which directions are relevant for further research on DTs? With regard to research methods, we conduct a meta-review of 14 systematic literature reviews on DTs. The results yield important insights for the current state of conceptualization, application areas, reference architecture, and future research directions on DTs.
Data Models and Digital Twins for the Digital Economy: Real, Augmented, and Synthetic Data in Decision Support Systems, conceptualization, digital twins, reference architecture, systematic literature review
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