Coastal Evolution of a Submerged Bronze Age Landscape at Papadiokampos, Crete (Greece)

Suka, Rhonda R.
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[Honolulu] : [University of Hawaii at Manoa], [December 2013]
The unprecedented changes in climate we are experiencing today drive sea level variations that influence the morphology of coastlines. Many areas experience high rates of sea level rise combined with tectonic movements that abruptly change coastal morphology. One problem with assessing these areas is the lack of data available. Although recent developments have improved our ability to gather information from shallow coastal areas, these systems are expensive and require highly skilled operators and analysts. To alleviate this problem, a portable survey system was developed and tested on the coast of Crete, Greece to determine shoreline changes since the Bronze Age. Results of the survey indicate that the shoreline submerged 10.3 m and moved a minimum of 28 m inland over the past 3463 years. By understanding shoreline change in areas faced with sea level rise compounded by tectonic movement, we can improve our planning and disaster management capabilities.
MA University of Hawaii at Manoa 2013
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 61–65).
coastal evolution, bathymetric survey, sea level change, shoreline evolution, geomorphology
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