A Meta-Analysis of Enjoyment Effect on Technology Acceptance: The Moderating Role of Technology Conventionality

El Shamy, Nour
Hassanein, Khaled
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Recent advancements in Information and Communication Technology lead to the development of affordable, novel, out of the ordinary, and unconventional information technology artifacts. Such innovative technologies including virtual reality, wearable technology, and robots; feature unique human-computer interfaces, untraditional hardware designs, enable unique and atypical affordances, and provide their users with unprecedented experiences. As these artifacts become more pervasive, it is important to understand whether established Information Systems theories apply to this new paradigm. This meta-analysis introduces the definition of technology conventionality and investigates its moderating role on the effect of perceived enjoyment on users’ behavioural intention to use the technology with the aim of contrasting the effect sizes across conventional and unconventional technologies. Findings indicate that perceived enjoyment plays an important role in shaping users’ behavioural intention for both conventional and unconventional technologies. Implications for practice and future research are discussed.
Meta-Analysis, Perceived Enjoyment, Technology Acceptance, Technology Conventionality, Unconventional Technologies
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