Chatbot Introduction and Operation in Enterprises – A Design Science Research-based Structured Procedure Model for Chatbot Projects

Meyer Von Wolff, Raphael
Hobert, Sebastian
Schumann, Matthias
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Chatbot research has become an emerging research area. Researchers survey the technology behind and the whole ecosystem from different perspectives, e.g., human-computer interaction, design research, or anthropomorphism. To foster the transfer from research to practice, a comprehensive structured procedure model is missing yet. Due to this, the transfer of the research results into real-world settings in enterprises is often complicated. Hereto, we propose a comprehensive structured procedure model to guide practitioners in chatbot projects based on a Design Science Research study. In doing so, necessary project steps are pointed out and corresponding research results are highlighted to make them reusable for practice in a targeted manner. Thus, we provide structured support for chatbot projects in enterprises.
AI, Organizing, and Management, chatbot, conversational agent, design science research, guideline, procedure model, project management
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