Supporting the Reflective Learning of Conceptual Modeling Using Interactive Timelines and Replays

Schmittchen, Marcel
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It is not a trivial task to teach “good” conceptual modeling in a structured way. One problem we encountered in our previous exploratory studies is the predominant reflection of the quality of finished models and less of the modeling process itself. As a result, many phenomena like the emergence of errors or the coordination and collaboration phases in group modeling usually get out of focus and are subsequently not thoroughly considered in teaching. Thus, we have developed a tool-supported timeline method, which allows us to review and discuss the collaborative development process of models after they have been finished or submitted. We evaluated the method and employed a variety of tool features in our regular undergrad courses. Considering the perspective and experiences of teachers and learners alike, we discovered that teachers can use our method to better analyze strategies and made mistakes when enough time to prepare the reflection, even if this increases the time distance to the event it is reflected on. Learners were motivated to share and reflect on their actions. Furthermore, we identified further steps to facilitate our reflective modeling teaching method.
General Software Education (GSE), computer-supported collaborative learning, conceptual modeling education, methods and models, reflective learning, teaching
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