SHARPP Games for the Education Prevention and Reversion of Chronic Diseases

Chung, Claris Yee Seung
Sundaram, David
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Prevalence of chronic diseases has become a serious problem in our society. These illnesses are commonly caused by dietary and lifestyle risk factors and are hard to cure completely. However, behavioral changes such as adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle are effective in reducing chronic conditions. In this research, we propose to build games that could support the Sustainable transformation of chronic patients in a Holistic and Adaptable manner using Real-time, Precise, and Persuasive (SHARPP) principles, processes, systems, and technologies. This research leverages wearable information technologies and chronic disease studies to design games that interweave virtual worlds with the real world. It not only supports patients to form healthy habits that prevent and revert chronic diseases but also helps individuals to balance various life dimensions.
ICT-enabled Self-management of Chronic Diseases and Conditions, Chronic Diseases, Games, Quantified Self, Sustainability, Transformation
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