Why I Retweet? Exploring User’s Perspective on Decision-Making of Information Spreading during Disasters

Abdullah, Nor Athiyah
Nishioka, Dai
Tanaka, Yuko
Murayama, Yuko
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The extensive use of social media during disasters raises an important issue concerning use of social media to spread information, including misinformation. This study explores the underlying behavioral context of disaster information sharing by Twitter users. We conducted a web survey with 999 respondents in Japan to determine what makes people retweet disaster information in disaster situations. As a result of factor analysis, four factors were identified from 36 questions, namely: 1) Willingness to provide relevant and updated information because the information is believable, 2) Want people to know the information they perceive as important, 3) "Retweeter" subjective feelings and interests, and 4) Want to get feedback and alert other people. The results suggest that two of the factors influenced different groups of people in the community differently; however, everybody can play their role to reduce the negative impact of social media used for future disaster. Based on the findings, we discuss practical and design implications of social media use during disasters.
decision-making, disaster, information spreading, retweet, Twitter
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