Management 343: Comparative Management Systems: U.S. and Japan

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This is an advanced management course that will prepare you for the global workplace. You will critically examine similarities and differences in management--people, processes, and environment--between U.S. and Japan. You will learn theories in social sciences, specifically in psychology, sociology, political science, and management, which attempt to explain differences in management practices across nations. The course will particularly help you to examine the role of culture in shaping managerial behaviors.

This course will also allow you to examine ethical issues facing various contemporary business activities and practices. In the post Enron business environment, ethics has come to take a center stage in business life, and it is critical for business managers to think about ethical issues in business and to know their own position on these issues. You will examine ethical dilemmas acting managers in managing industrial conflict, downsizing, negotiating across cultures, and leading people. You will also examine the ethical consequences of adopting Taylorism, and driving organizations to be a market leader. This course will particularly help you to examine the role of culture in shaping our ethical perspectives, and how in the global workplace we need to develop a cross-culturally sensitive and relativisitic ethical perspective.


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