Indo-Pacific Languages 427B:Topics in Pacific Literature: The Writings of Albert Wendt

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This course seeks to examine the evolution of Albert Wendt's poetry, prose, and drama as he weaves universal themes of race, class, culture, movement, and sexuality against a backdrop of colonialism, decolonization, development, and indigenous sensibilities, in the Pacific in general and Samoa in particular. We will interrogate how Wendt uses his own historical and contemporary contexts and choices of literary genre to depict how Samoans and other Pacific islanders have responded to the above forces, their rapidly transforming societies, and shifting geographies. To a certain extent, we will use his writings as a tool with which to discuss historical and contemporary issues and trends that affect the human condition in different locales and destinations. You will be directed to explore and develop your own literary and cultural opinions to Wendt's writings through class discussion and writing assignments Because this is a writing intensive course, enrollment will be limited to 20 students.


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