Cyber-Assurance for Internet of Things and Fog Computing Architectures

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    Securing Wearables through the Creation of a Personal Fog
    ( 2018-01-03) Walter, Charles ; Riley, Ian ; Gamble, Rose
    Increased reliance on wearables using Bluetooth requires additional security and privacy measures to protect these devices and personal data, regardless of device vendor. Most wearables lack the ability to monitor their communication connections and protect personal data without assistance. Attackers can force wearables to disconnect from base stations. When a wearable loses its connection to its base station, an attacker can connect to the wearable to steal stored personal data or await reconnection to the base station to eavesdrop on communications. If the base station inadvertently disconnects from the cloud serving a security-aware app, it would be unable to respond to a rapid change in the security of its current environment. We design a personal fog incorporating wearables, a base station, and the cloud that allows the wearable to be situationally aware and manage inter- and intra-fog communications, given local personal fogs with the same app.
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    Addressing Operator Privacy in Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B)
    ( 2018-01-03) Gauthier, Ryan ; Seker, Remzi
    We investigate security of ADS-B system and propose a framework composed of two solutions that would require minimal change to the existing system. The investigation focuses on providing an encrypted ADS-B system that provides confidentiality, availability, and integrity while requiring minimal changes to the existing ADS-B specification. The proposed framework consisting of two solutions is envisioned to be implemented through software updates while providing backwards compatibility. The most challenging requirement during this study was to work within the constraints of the existing ADS-B system.
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