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Welcome to the Software Technology (ST) Track. This year we are proud to have a total of 13 minitracks on a wide variety of topics:

Agile and Lean: Organizations, Products and Development: looks at how agile and lean teams interact with organizational structures, cultures and products, including how they interact with product groups, how they restructure, cultural changes, metrics for tracking, and how markets respond to them.

Cyber-Assurance for Internet of Things and Fog Computing Architectures: looks at emergent trends in Cyber-Assurance theory, application and embedded security for the Internet of Things (IoT)/Fog Computing architectures based on theoretical aspects and studies of practical applications.

Cyber-of-Things: Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics: focuses on identifying and validating solutions to access data from new technologies, investigating the impact these solutions have on industry, and understanding how technologies can be abused from a cyber-physical perspective.

Cybersecurity and Software Assurance: explores the foundations for a discipline of software assurance to improve dependability. Assurance research focuses on achieving trust and confidence through auditable evidence that systems will be built and will function as intended in all environments.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analytics: focuses on novel techniques and tools to perceive, reason, learn and act on a wide range of data collected from different attacks (or attempts), sophisticated advanced persistent threat campaigns, etc.

Frontiers in AI and Software Engineering: examines the role of AI in Software Engineering, both the application of AI techniques to SE problems but also the application of SE techniques to AI problems.

IS Risk and Decision-Making: examines decisionmaking in IS and its impact on risk: the methods for risk-informed decision-making, the risk vs. cost trade-offs, schedule, performance, decisions about assurance and the cognitive biases of decisionmakers and organizational culture.

Metrics, Models, and Simulation for Cyber- Physical Systems: focuses on four major issues: a) technology investigation efficiency, b) technical integration and solution impact, c) the abuse of technology through cyber-physical attacks along with d) the cost effective analysis and evaluation of large data repositories.

Security and Critical Infrastructure for Cloud, IoT and Decentralized Trust: addresses the challenge surrounding innovation in system and service design for cloud and IoT infrastructure, as two of the most vulnerable areas that need to be supported.

Software Development for Mobile Devices, Wearables, and the Internet-of-Things: extending the scope of prior years, this minitrack focuses on software development for mobile systems, reflecting its increasing interconnectedness. The minitrack is devoted to the technological background of mobile computing while keeping an eye on business value, user experience, and domain-specific issues.

Software Product Lines: Engineering, Services, and Management: focuses on product line research and practice including business models, valuation, organizational and process design, knowledge management, service systems, and standardization initiatives related to product lines.

Turning Smart: Challenges and Experiences in Smart Application Development: addresses the challenges of how to deal with smart city application scenarios such as handling huge data sets, high usage loads, complex event processing on real-time data streams, sharing data between applications, security etc.

Wireless Networks: focuses on fundamental challenges and issues arising in wireless sensor networks and their applications. Wireless sensor nodes and networks must provide solutions to practical problems, and must be both cost-effective and an improvement over previous practice. We would like to thank our minitrack chairs and authors who once again have put together a truly compelling set of minitracks.

Track Chairs:

Rick Kazman
University of Hawaii

Gul Agha
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign