Hospitality and Tourism in a Global Digital Economy – New Models, Services, and Performance

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    Data Analytics Platforms: Value Propositions and Adoption Challenges for Small Hospitality Businesses
    ( 2023-01-03) Ofe, Hosea ; De Reuver, Mark ; Nederstigt , Bouke ; Janssen, Marijn
    Managers increasingly seek ways to explore insights from data for business improvements and innovation. Data Analytics (DA) platforms hold promise for businesses, especially small businesses that cannot afford tailor-made proprietary analytics services. DA platforms offer generic analytics features to a pool of businesses, saving costs and enabling benchmarking. This paper explores value propositions and adoption challenges for small businesses regarding DA. The paper offers practical insights from designing and launching a DA platform targeting small businesses in the hospitality sector. The findings of our paper show that data analytics is potentially valuable for small businesses through insights into market and customer trends. Small businesses can leverage such insights to refine their offerings. Trust and privacy concerns in sharing data are key challenges holding back adoption. We proposed measures, especially privacy-preserving technologies, to mitigate the risk of tracing a specific enterprise's data shared on the DA platform. These measures assure businesses that data shared or analyzed through the DA platform is not used to harm their competitive advantage.
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    From Digital Subcultures to Destination Tourism: Profiling Attendees at Multi Genre Festivals
    ( 2023-01-03) Mccauley, Brian ; Ehlers , Annika ; Kopanidis , Foula ; Helmefalk, Miralem
    The rise and connectivity of digital subcultures are increasingly influencing destination tourism. This study provides an understanding of a multi genre festival within the wider context of popular ‘geek’ culture and its increasing role in events and destination tourism. Through profiling the characteristics and experiences of visitors attending Nordsken, an annual festival in Northern Sweden, we profile segments and provide insights on attendees. Based on a survey of festival visitors, this study revealed five distinct clusters (Digital Gamer, Enthusiastic Nerd, Analogue Fan, Spectator & Follower and Creative Player) based on interests and activities. Experiences of the event were relatively similar for all clusters indicating that multi genre festivals can create memorable experiences for a broad audience with a variety of interests rooted in digital cultures. Through understanding and developing target audiences, regions can leverage multi genre festivals as platforms to enhance regional digitalization.
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    The Analogue Disruption of Digitalization – The Local Bases of the Hospitality Industry in a Global Economy
    ( 2023-01-03) Högberg, Karin ; Wihlborg, Elin ; Snis, Ulrika ; Svensson, Lars
    There are vital challenges for organization undergoing digital transformation, especially those that rely more and more on the ever-evolving platform economy. Third-party platforms have rearranged the market conditions for organisations, especially for service-based organisations such as hotels. The hotel industry faces key problems as they need to have the power to control and augment the value chain supported by an ongoing access to accurate data (such as online customer behavior). We discuss on a conceptual level how such disruptive economic changes appear in the analogue and physical practice, at place in hotel organisations. We explore the practice of analogue disruption as it emerges as struggles and discontinuities that may not bring the expected flow of value to the business. This paper aims to examine how analogue disruptions takes place due to the ongoing digitalization in the hotel sector through the platform economy. We here apply a qualitative analysis with interpretative methodologies, that will open for further knowledge and insights on the analogue disruption of digital transformation.
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    Rurality and Tourism in Transition: How Digitalization Transforms the Character and Landscape of the Tourist Economy in Rural Morocco
    ( 2023-01-03) Rüller, Sarah ; Aal, Konstantin ; Tolmie, Peter ; Randall, David ; Rohde, Markus ; Wulf, Volker
    The character of rural Morocco is changing due to increasing tourism and social media usage. This paper outlines the different consequences of ICT usage among people working in the tourism sector as part of the transitional economy in a remote area. In this region, tourism has grown into one major income sources for a few valley inhabitants – mostly men with a school education, digital and language skills, and who are financially stable. As this transitional economy evolves alongside digitalization and ICT usage and therefore a change of the region’s rural character, it leads to challenges and concerns for the local population. This ethnographic study analyzes the interdependence of increasing tourism through digitalization and the notion of rurality as a resource from a sociotechnical perspective.