Transformations in Leadership

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    Transformations in Leadership, Volume 1, no.3 (Spring 2009)
    (Honolulu : East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program, 2009) Shrestha, Asheshwor Man ; Bosack, Mike
    This journal features articles and reflections by the students of the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program. Over the course of two years in this program, these students explored different forms of leadership and practiced service-learning. A key exercise for the students was to profile a leader of their choosing. They had a chance to interview leaders in different fields from across the globe. Some of the articles in this journal are based on that research. The leaders profiled within this journal are truly remarkable. Notably, their power to lead comes not simply from charisma or force, but through knowledge, passion, and relationship-building. Throughout these profiles in leadership, two key themes emerge: humble origins and empowering others to lead. Though individual circumstances differ based on time and setting, each of these leaders emerged from an ordinary background to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. Of course, not all leadership is moral or just, and analysis shows the consequences of negative command and coercion. Nevertheless, good or bad, important lessons on leadership are available in each of these articles. As evidenced in the articles, engagement and relationship building are the primary steps in leadership. Transformational leaders build upon relationships and empower followers to break traditional power structures and make that quantum leap forward to lasting personal and team accomplishment. Practicing good leadership skills is not an esoteric art. On the contrary, the themes of good leadership are open to any and all individuals. Leadership need not be associated with prestigious position, and it is not an innately inherited quality. Anyone can rise up to connect with followers, to establish a relationship with them, and enable them to transform themselves and their surroundings. So often, it seems, that is the definition of true leadership: empowering common people to achieve uncommon feats.
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    Transformations in Leadership, Volume 1, no.2 (Spring 2008)
    (Honolulu: East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program, 2008) Kelley, James ; Bosack, Mike
    The second annual Transformations in Leadership is a compilation of articles from students who have participated in the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program. Representing over 10 countries, the authors have come together for four semesters to study leadership theories, serve in the community, and write research papers about complex contemporary issues and inspirational leaders. Like a lighthouse, true leadership provides a vision and a way to navigate through the storms of many of today's social problems.Transformational leaders are committed to the well-being of others and strive to create opportunities to empower individuals and create social change. These leaders, often called "social entrepreneurs," typically aim to implement self-sustained programs that minimize unnecessary resources and environmental destruction and utilize innovative business practices to maintain efficiency. This journal's themes of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development are both timely and timeless. The authors clearly discuss regional social issues, both past and present, and highlight individual leaders who confront these difficult and often complex problems. For example, Mahatma Gandhi is most well known for his efforts to end British colonialism in India, but he also practiced social entrepreneurship by advocating for sustainable agriculture. Also, Kate Zhou, a modern day social entrepreneur, strives to bring education to China's unregistered "black children" through Educational Advancement Fund International, and Deanna and Daniel Gonda are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth in Hawaii through the Ke Ola Hou Program.As the outside margin of each page indicates, each author's essay is classified as either a profile, contemporary issue, or personal perspective. All but three of the contributing authors write English as a second language and all have produced compelling compositions.
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    Transformations in Leadership, Volume 1, no.1 (Spring 2007)
    (Honolulu: East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program, 2007) Polley, Carl ; Pongpanich, Wow Krittiyawadee
    This inaugural issue of Transformations in Leadership, the journal of the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program, is a compilation of thoughts, ideas and inspirations that have resulted from the shared experiences of students from more than 14 different countries who came together to better understand the true meaning of leadership. Leadership is a lifelong journey, and constant within the process are the personal transformations that one goes through. Creating change requires endurance and exceptional will power to overcome obstacles that stand in the way. Through their studies, the students have seen numerous examples of miraculous changes that were a result of one ordinary person who decided to stand up for his/her beliefs. They learned that, as leaders and followers, one is morally obligated to speak out and stand up for what one strongly believes. This journal reflects only a fraction of the personal dialogue that has contributed to their self-growth within their time in the Leadership Program. The students hope that their work inspires you as much as it has inspired them, and invite you to join them in taking action and making a positive transformation for yourself and those around you.
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