Transformations in Leadership, Volume 1, no.2 (Spring 2008)

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Honolulu: East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program
The second annual Transformations in Leadership is a compilation of articles from students who have participated in the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program. Representing over 10 countries, the authors have come together for four semesters to study leadership theories, serve in the community, and write research papers about complex contemporary issues and inspirational leaders. Like a lighthouse, true leadership provides a vision and a way to navigate through the storms of many of today's social problems.Transformational leaders are committed to the well-being of others and strive to create opportunities to empower individuals and create social change. These leaders, often called "social entrepreneurs," typically aim to implement self-sustained programs that minimize unnecessary resources and environmental destruction and utilize innovative business practices to maintain efficiency. This journal's themes of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development are both timely and timeless. The authors clearly discuss regional social issues, both past and present, and highlight individual leaders who confront these difficult and often complex problems. For example, Mahatma Gandhi is most well known for his efforts to end British colonialism in India, but he also practiced social entrepreneurship by advocating for sustainable agriculture. Also, Kate Zhou, a modern day social entrepreneur, strives to bring education to China's unregistered "black children" through Educational Advancement Fund International, and Deanna and Daniel Gonda are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth in Hawaii through the Ke Ola Hou Program.As the outside margin of each page indicates, each author's essay is classified as either a profile, contemporary issue, or personal perspective. All but three of the contributing authors write English as a second language and all have produced compelling compositions.
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