From Personal Data to Service Innovation – Guiding the Design of New Service Opportunities

Bloecher, Katharina
Hunke, Fabian
Alt, Rainer
Satzger, Gerhard
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Stimulated by an ongoing digital transformation, companies obtain a new source for digital service innovation: The use of personal data has the potential to build deeper customer relationships and to develop individualized services. However, methodological support for the systematic application of personal data in innovation processes is still scarce. This paper suggests a comprehensive approach for service design tools that enable collaborative design activities by participants with different data skills to identify new service opportunities. This approach includes the systematic development of customer understanding as well as a process to match customer needs to existing personal data resources. Following a design science research approach, we develop design principles for service design tools and build and evaluate a service opportunity canvas as a first instantiation.
Personal Data: Analytics and Management, customer-centered services, personal data, service design, service innovation, service opportunity identification
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