Power Spectrum Estimation for Frequency Domain Ambient Modal Analysis

Venkatasubramanian, Mani
Thomas, Chad
Farrokhifard, Mohammadreza Maddipour
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This paper studies the effect of Power Spectrum Density (PSD) estimation techniques on the accuracy of Fast Frequency Domain Decomposition (FFDD) modal analysis. FFDD utilizes ambient synchrophasor measurements to estimate characteristics of dominant system modes and oscillations by analyzing the PSD estimates from multiple synchrophasor measurements. In this paper, the impact of three different methods for PSD estimation on the accuracy of FFDD modal estimates is investigated: PWelch, MultiTaper Method (MTM) using Slepian Tapers, and MTM using Sine Tapers. Tests are done using synthetic and archived synchrophasor data. All three PSD methods are shown to work well for oscillation detection of sustained oscillations using FFDD. However, for ambient modal analysis, it is shown that FFDD based on MTM with Slepian Tapers has the most reliable modal estimations. FFDD using both MTM with Sine Tapers and PWelch have bias issues in estimating well-damped system modes, requiring more research for them to be suitable for FFDD.
Monitoring, Control, and Protection, oscillations, power systems, power system stability, signal processing, sychrophasors
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