Digital Supply Chain Transformation toward Blockchain Integration

Korpela, Kari
Hallikas, Jukka
Dahlberg, Tomi
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Digital supply chain integration is becoming \ increasingly dynamic. Access to customer demand \ needs to be shared effectively, and product and service \ deliveries must be tracked to provide visibility in the \ supply chain. Business process integration is based on \ standards and reference architectures, which should \ offer end-to-end integration of product data. \ Companies operating in supply chains establish \ process and data integration through the specialized \ intermediate companies, whose role is to establish \ interoperability by mapping and integrating companyspecific \ data for various organizations and systems. \ This has typically caused high integration costs, and \ diffusion is slow. This paper investigates the \ requirements and functionalities of supply chain \ integration. Cloud integration can be expected to offer \ a cost-effective business model for interoperable \ digital supply chains. We explain how supply chain \ integration through the blockchain technology can \ achieve disruptive transformation in digital supply \ chains and networks.
ecosystem, blockchain, integration, supply chain, enterprise architecture
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