Business Rules Management and Decision Mining - Filling in the Gaps

Leewis, Sam
Smit, Koen
Berkhout, Matthijs
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Proper decision-making is one of the most important capabilities of an organization. Adequately managing these decisions is therefore of high importance. Business Rules Management (BRM) is an approach that helps in managing decisions and underlying business logic. However, questions still arise if the decisions are properly improved based on decision data. Decision Mining (DM) could complement BRM capabilities in order to improve towards effective and efficient decision-making. In this study, we propose the integration of BRM and DM through a simulation using a government and a healthcare case. During this simulation, three entry points are presented that describe how decision-related data should be utilized between BRM capabilities and DM phases to be able to integrate them. The presented results provide a basis from which more technical research on the three DM phases can be further explored.
Business Rule Management Technologies, business rules management, cycle, decision management, decision mining, improvement
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