The cultural relationships of the Polynesian outliers

Bayard, Donn T.
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This paper looks at the effectiveness of a combined quantitative comparison of lexical and cultural material as a tool to gain Insight into the prehistory of an archeologically untouched area. The Outlier settlements, running south from Nukuoro and Kapingamarangi in the southern Caroline Islands through a cluster of five atolls lying north of the Solomons; these are Nuguria, Takuu, Nukumanu, Ontong Java or Luanglua, and Sikaiana. The curve continues south and east into the Santa Cruz Islands, represented by Pilenl, Taumako, Tikopla and Anuta. Lying somewhat off the curve, to the south of Guadalcanal and San Cristobal, are Rennell and the smaller adjoining island of Bellona. The southern leg of the curve is made up of the islands of Mae, lying between Epi and Efate; Mele and Fila, which are two small islands in Mele Bay, Efate; and Futuna or West Futuna and Aniwa, to the south and east of Eromanga and Tanna. The southernmost Outlier is represented by the Polynesian community on Uvea in the Loyalty Islands; in this study it will be referred to as West Uvea.
Bibliography: leaves 137-147.
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Ethnology -- Polynesia, Polynesian languages, Ethnology, Polynesian languages, Polynesia
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