Reconnecting the Urban Dwelling to the Urban Fabric with Wearable Architecture: Reshaping Urban Living

Omo, Jeffrey
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The purpose of this research is to take architecture to a more human scale, redefining how we interact with our built environment. As density levels begin to increase in cities such as New York, London, and Tokyo, our way of living is slowly adapting to that fast-paced intense urban‐lifestyle redefining what makes a “home”, a home. Urban identities, cultures, and sociologies are beginning to form and take shape. This is where my thesis will play an important role in our congested built environment – reconnecting our urban dwelling to the urban fabric. As one of the early designers of minimal spaces, with the technological advancements we have today, the Metabolist Movement that was established 50 years ago could play a key role on how we design for the future. It is there where we can reconnect our urban dwelling to the urban fabric.
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