Fairy Tales: A Compilation - The Reflection

dc.contributor.author Tenorio, Kristina
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dc.description.abstract When writing “The Reflection,” it was important to me that I capture the struggle of everyday life. In my story, the main character is Stephanie who is a working lady in her mid-twenties that doesn’t care for life beyond the walls of her home. She enjoys her solitude until a fictional monster appears in her home and sends her on a quest to find the source of evil in its world. Once she finds the needed object at the end of her journey, she realizes that all along she was the source of the problem. The point I wanted to get across was that the whole scene is a fragment of our mind. We can be Stephanie some days, but we also have those little moments that push us to think about how we are going about life. We may want to believe that we are not the problem, but sometimes we are. The only thing stopping us is our minds and to get over something like that it often takes a long journey and a simple look at our “reflection” to finally see what has been there all along.
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dc.title Fairy Tales: A Compilation - The Reflection
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