Internet of Things (IoT) Privacy and Security: A User-Focused Study of Aotearoa New Zealand Home Users

Patterson, Lisa
Chard, Sue
Ng, Bryan
Welch, Ian
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This study focuses on behavior of everyday Aotearoa New Zealand (Aotearoa) home users of Internet of Things (IoT) consumer devices. It considers Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) as an approach to modification of user behavior to improve safety in terms of privacy and security. Our aim is to better understand safety for everyday users of IoT consumer devices in the home. We want to understand human barriers to safety in Aotearoa users’ perceptions and behaviors, and learn what everyday users perceive and understand about IoT privacy and security at home. This study aims to investigate IoT user behavior alignment with PMT. The main contributions of this paper explore Aotearoa users’ perceptions and behaviors towards IoT devices in the home through the theoretical lens of PMT, and determine which of the four factors of PMT contribute to user behavior.
Human-centricity in a Sustainable Digital Economy, iot, pmt, privacy, safety, security
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