System design of a high data rate oceanographic telemetry buoy

Clark, Andrew Malcolm
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A full-scale prototype of a small (2.3-m diameter) high data rate telemetry buoy is designed, built and tested. A unique hybrid configuration consisting of a toroidal disc and spar configuration is developed through an iterative design process which includes both numerical and experimental techniques. Full-scale ocean tests are conducted with the system instrumented to measure buoy dynamics. Environmental conditions including current and wind speed and direction as well as wave height and direction are measured and recorded. The buoy is demonstrated to exhibit dynamics which permit 2-way communications to a geostationary satellite from an inertially stabilized antenna in conditions though sea state 4. The buoy's displacement, dimensions, mass and mass distribution are all varied both analytically and through experiments to arrive at a configuration which, prior to ocean testing, appears to exhibit the desired attribute of minimizing roll and pitch motions. A frequency domain analysis of the buoy/mooring system is used as a design tool in developing the full-scale prototype. Data collected during the sea trials is reduced for comparison with the predicted motions.
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1995.
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 136-141).
xi, 141 leaves, bound ill., maps 29 cm
Oceanographic buoys, Oceanography -- Measurement
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