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Genre: Medicine/huru. Title: Huru wawi korene ('Huru pig jaw'). Pitu Sopune (Ebbe) recorded by Mansuetus Sosu, former village head, with the AT2020 mic at the recording workshop 5 Oct -15 at Mansuetus Sosu's home, just after midday (Ebbe left after the recording). The workshop got started late, we had food, were interrupted by guests and so on, but it was done. Pitu tells all about his inherited 'huru'; it is a long 'huru' recording, and a good one. It is original in that it uses pig jaw, both in the sign-curse ('huru') hung in the fruit tree (coconut) and in the cure with chewed areca nut and piper betel ('ngiru'). He first cuts the bark from the coconut tree with a machete. Then he cuts a branch from the coconut tree and braids a small box. Next, he puts the bark inside the box, wrapped in a maize leaf together with five paddy grains. Then he ties the pig jaw with 'waju' (tree) inside the box. Then he cuts bamboo ('hao sanggene' (the small stairs/branches made of 'hao'?), and adds to the other contents, all together). Then he ('base kaju' and) leaves it hanging the tree. After this he utters his 'bhulu wa'o' prayer and curse ('huru', so that if somebody steals his coconuts he/she will fall ill. Sosu also asks Pitu how he cures the person who has fallen ill? Pitu replies he uses 'kaliraga' root, 'seku' (kencur, aromatic ginger) root, (coconut oil, used separately!) and he scrapes the pig jaw. Then everything is mixed in a coconut shell with chewed areca nut and piper betel. The the mixture is rubbed onto the jaw of the patient – the jaw is swollen and aches (the symptom, because of the pig jaw curse). Pitu also tells how he makes coconut oil, specially prepared and spoken to. He uses this oil in addition to the chewed mixture, and rubs it on the jaw, or neck and armpit; where it aches. Just the sight of the pig jaw is intimidating, Pitu lated conferred. Photo.
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