dc.content.language Palu'e
dc.content.language Indonesian
dc.content.language English
dc.content.languagecode ple
dc.content.languagecode ind
dc.content.languagecode eng
dc.contributor.depositor Danerek, H. Stefan
dc.contributor.recorder Danerek, H. Stefan
dc.contributor.researcher Danerek, H. Stefan
dc.contributor.speaker Woko Bo'one
dc.coverage.iso3166 ID 2017-02-15T00:57:36Z 2017-02-15T00:57:36Z 2015-06-14 2017-02-14
dc.description Genre: Tio mbele/togo/adat narrative. There are seniors, men and women, but not many, who still remember the oral literature that accompanies the major buffalo and new-boat (céju pou/togo pou) ceremonies. They are able to recite this complex poetry and, in chant dancing, make up the free parts of the texts, as replies to another group/village that brings a riddle that ridicules the host (tio mbele). This is the major form of creative artistic expression, and it takes place during the rare and major ceremonies. Characters in the recorded tales often go togo, and there are narratives that tell about togo. The master chanter of Ko'a, Woko Bo'one, a man of considerable age but full of wit and enthusiasm, tells in SD1-129 of how he composed the riddle pantun for the ritual dancing and singing performed in connection with Pua Karapau (Bringing Buffalo), kampong Tomu Dec 2014. He also sings the main lines. A man from kampong Cawalo had told them not to go (by boat to bring a buffalo) and that they would drown if they did. The ritual had been postponed until December, when conditions at sea tend to be harder. But the weather turned out to be fine during the two day journey to Lio and back. So he made a riddle, that do not mention any names, about that. Recorded spontaneously outside of Mr Woko's house in the presence of family members.
dc.description.region Palu'e, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. Recording made in kampong/domain Ko'a.
dc.format digital wav file recorded at 48 khz/24 bit
dc.format eaf file
dc.format.extent 0:03:51
dc.identifier SD1-129
dc.language.iso ple
dc.subject.language Sara Lu'a
dc.subject.languagecode ple
dc.title SD1-129
dc.type.dcmi Sound
dc.type.linguistictype primary_text
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