A Probabilistic Perspective of Human-Machine Interaction

Canan, Mustafa
Demir, Mustafa
Kovacic, Samual
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Human-machine interaction (HMI) has become an essential part of the daily routine in organizations. Although the machines are designed with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence applications, they are limited in their ability to mimic human behavior. The human-human interaction occurs between two or more humans; when a machine replaces a human, the interaction dynamics are not the same. The results indicate that a machine that interacts with a human can increase the mental uncertainty that a human experiences. Developments in decision sciences indicate that using quantum probability theory (QPT) improves the understanding of human decision-making than merely using classical probability theory (CPT). In this paper, we examine the HMI from a QPT perspective. Applying QPT to studying HMI for decision-making shows improvement in understanding the decision process when interacting with machines because it provides insights into the mental uncertainty of a human that is not apparent in CPT.
Cyber Systems: Their Science, Engineering, and Security, human, interaction, machine, probability
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