Personalized Drug Administration to Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Manipulating Sensor Generated Data in Android Environments

Bravhar, Klemen
Juric, Radmila
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This paper illustrates the application of mobile and wireless technologies for estimating the severity of Parkinson Disease symptoms, and performing a personalized drug administration to PD patients. The measurements of patient finger pressures on the screen of a smart phone, translated into analogue voltage and digital bits, are taken by an Android App. The computations performed through Fast Fourier Transformations (FFT) and Reaction and Movement time, enable the calculation of the severity of the PD symptoms, which results in an appropriate drug administration for that patient, at the moment when the measurement of patient finger pressures is taken. The novelty of this research is twofold. It allows a high level of personalization in PD treatment and uses modern technologies to bring new solutions in the field of drug administration to PD patients.
Parkinson disease, Android App, optimization of drug treatment
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