Open Science via HUBzero: Exploring Five Science Gateways Supporting and Growing their Open Science Communities

Gesing, Sandra
Stirm, Claire
Klimeck, Gerhard
Zentner, Lynn
Wang, Su
Villegas Martinez, Braulio Misael
Diaz Eaton, Carrie
Donovan, Sam
Zhao, Lan
Song, Carol
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The research landscape applying computational methods has become increasingly interdisciplinary and complex regarding the research computing ecosystem with novel hardware, software, data, and lab instruments. Reproducibility of research results, the usability of tools, and sharing of methods are all crucial for timely collaboration for research and teaching. HUBzero is a widely used science gateway framework designed to support online communities with efficient sharing and publication processes. The paper discusses the growth of communities for the five science gateways nanoHUB, MyGeoHub, QUBEShub & SCORE, CUE4CHNG, and HubICL using the HUBzero Platform to foster open science and tackling education with a diverse set of approaches and target communities. The presented methods and magnitude of the communities elucidate successful means for science gateways for fostering open science and open education.
Open Science Practices in Information Systems Research, hubzero, mygeohub, nanohub, open science, science gateway, usability
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