Communicating with the masses from isolation: What happened when local television journalists worked from home

Henderson, Keren
Raheja, Raghav
Crowston, Kevin
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In response to the COVID-19 crises, many local TV newsrooms decided to have employees work from home (WFH) or the field rather than from the newsroom. From a review of research on telework, we identified possible impacts of WFH on worker effectiveness, conceptualized as including output, individual satisfaction and growth, and group well-being. From a case study of a local TV newsroom and interviews with news directors, we found that WFH was successful in creating a newscast, albeit with some concerns about story quality. However, WFH did not seem to satisfy workers individually or as a group. The current lifting of restrictions on gatherings might mitigate some of the experienced problems, but we expect to see challenges to news worker learning with continued WFH.
Technological, Educational, and Organizational Impacts of Pandemics, covid, journalists, tv news, work from home
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