Open Government Data Use by the Public Sector - an Overview of its Benefits, Barriers, Drivers, and Enablers

Kawashita, Ilka
Baptista, Ana Alice
Soares, Delfina
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Although governments publish large amounts of open data, their use by the public sector is still in its infancy. Therefore, this study aims to gain insights into promoted benefits and factors that hinder (barriers), facilitate (enablers), and propel (drivers) Open Government Data (OGD) use and reuse by the public sector. A systematic literature review of 38 publications resulted in an overview of these factors. Findings suggest that OGD use benefits are increased transparency and the development of new/improved processes, products, and services. Moreover, open data institutionalization and pressure from external stakeholders drive the use. However, data issues and the lack of supporting open data organizational structure, capacity, and skills hinder OGD use. While the existence of open data policy and laws, motivated leadership, and open data infrastructure enable it. Thus, if OGD use is to reach maturity, administrations need to create the means to institutionalize open data.
Emerging Topics in Digital Government, barriers, benefits, drivers, enablers, open government data
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