Gamified Workshops as Drivers for Attitudinal and Behavioral Shifts toward Sustainable Business Practices: The Role of Enjoyment, Curiosity and External Regulation

Putz, Lisa-Maria
Treiblmaier, Horst
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Gamification has recently gained a great deal of attention in various research communities. The application of game elements in non-game contexts has shown a lot of potential and the expectations of researchers and businesses are high. However, few studies exist that empirically test the effectiveness of gamification applications in business settings. To fill this gap, we present results from workshops that promoted environmentally friendly business practices. 261 individuals participated in a study in which various gamification elements were applied. Our findings illustrate that enjoyment and curiosity, both of which are strongly fostered by gamification elements, exert a significant influence on individuals’ attitudes and subsequently their behavioral intentions to adopt sustainable business practices. In contrast, the impact of external regulation turned out to be insignificant. The findings highlight the important role of enjoyment and curiosity for a sustainable change and bear important implications for academics and practitioners.
Gamification, Curiosity, Enjoyment, Game Elements, Gamification, Sustainable Business Practices
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