The Fear of Losing Control - What Prevents the Automation of Business Processes in Sensitive Areas

Koch, Julian
Vollenberg, Carolin
Plattfaut, Ralf
Coners, Andre
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This article explores the potential barriers and drivers of end-user adoption of robotic process automation (RPA) technology in particularly sensitive process areas. For this purpose, the grounded theory method was used within a health authority to determine which factors influence the intention to use and the benefits of such solutions. RPA enables the automation of repetitive and rule-based processes. The development and usage experiences of the respective employees as users of the technology were recorded and used for conceptualization. These found constructs were then compared with those from the established scientific literature. The results show that the obvious drivers can be described in terms of "transparency" and "explainability" and that these are novelty factors compared to established RPA-specific success factors from the relevant literature.
Business Process Technology, health sector, process automation, robotic process automation, sensitive business processes
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