Business Response to Obesity and its Related Diseases

Sheeks, Devin
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Obesity and many of its related diseases are widely considered to be controllable through proper diet and exercise routines—yet employers, whom have no control over how their employees conduct their lives, have been assessed the lion’s share of responsibility for managing their employees’ health. Organizations take this burden upon themselves not only to reduce their own costs, but also to protect their investment in their employees since human capital is the most valuable asset to an organization. The demographics of the state of Hawaii have posed a unique set of issues which must be addressed by the state government and businesses alike. In addition, Hawaii businesses as a whole do not use wellness programs to the same degree and magnitude of businesses in the mainland U.S. Wellness programs, with the adequate level of planning and investment, can prove to be beneficial on not only a cost basis but also in terms of improving the health of individuals. Through historical analysis and business management principles this project seeks to be informative to individuals, businesses, and the Hawaii state government in order to increase the implementation of wellness programs for the sake of aggregate wellness and promotion of healthy businesses.
Workplace wellness program, obesity, Hawaii wellness, health and wellness
iii, 76 pages
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