Pedagogy of aloha enriches intergenerational Hawaiian language learning Kahakalalau, Kū Kahakalau, ʻIʻinimaikalani
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dc.contributor.speaker Kahakalau, ʻIʻinimaikalani 2015-03-12T20:24:28Z 2015-03-12T20:24:28Z 2015-02-26 2015-02-26 2015-03-12
dc.description This presentation introduces an innovative, learner-directed Hawaiian language and culture program called Basic Hawaiian. This fun, intergenerational approach to Hawaiian language learning focuses on teaching Hawaiian the natural way, by visiting with and interacting with four virtual Hawaiian characters. Over a two year period, these four kukui, or guides, immerse learners in a Hawaiian language environment, introducing them to specific Hawaiian themes and topics, based on their individual interests and expertise. Collectively, this Hawaiian family shares over 1000 Hawaiian vocabulary, dozens of Hawaiian songs, chants, proverbs and Hawaiian language readings, and introduces learners to traditional protocol and other basic cultural knowledge and practices. Basic Hawaiian teaches learners not only how to communicate in Hawaiian and perpetuate our ancestor’s way of speaking, but also their way of thinking and living. Basic Hawaiian is grounded in a distinctly Hawaiian Pedagogy of Aloha. Tested with thousands of Hawaiian students on multiple islands, this pedagogy confirms that when Hawaiian students feel safe, when they feel loved and respected, they become empowered to leave their comfort zones and attain unprecedented levels of excellence. Basic Hawaiian fosters learning in a safe, familial environment, by requiring each learner to join other interested Hawaiian language learners to form a small, 3-5 person family of learners. This learning ‘ohana meets regularly to practice speaking Hawaiian and demonstrate their progress to others. As a 21st century approach to language learning, Basic Hawaiian integrates technology at a very high level. Learners discover Hawaiian language and culture via innovative online lessons, which can be practiced with accompanying i-Phone apps. In addition, learners get their hands dirty, practicing the language in the environment with their learning ‘ohana. These small group activities, range from gathering lei materials in Hawaiian, to cooking in Hawaiian. By learning Hawaiian language and traditional Hawaiian cultural practices together, learners see the connections between culture and language, and how our language reflects our traditions and values. Basic Hawaiian wants to benefit Hawaiian families, communities and organizations by letting learners determine when, where , with whom and how fast they want to learn how to speak Hawaiian. While Basic Hawaiian is first and foremost a Hawaiian language revitalization effort, an ongoing research component is resulting in the acquisition of significant data that is being used to advance theories on Indigenous language acquisition, as well as the use of technology in language teaching.
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dc.title Pedagogy of aloha enriches intergenerational Hawaiian language learning
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