Towards a Governance of Low-Code Development Platforms Using the Example of Microsoft PowerPlatform in a Multinational Company

Heuer, Marvin
Kurtz, Christian
Böhmann, Tilo
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The advantages of low-code platforms include the ability to better manage corporate processes. These processes can quickly become customized and business critical. Consequently, governance of low-code development platforms gains increasing importance in the IT sector. This paper contributes to the design of a governance for low-code platforms using the example of Microsoft PowerPlatform through the action-design- research-paradigm within a consumer goods corporation. The paper shows both the relationship between IT governance and low-code platforms and what challenges this poses, as well as the importance of governance of low-code platforms in relation to the field of end-user computing. This work aims at developing governance for low-code platforms, and evaluates it using several methods. Based on the results of the naturalistic evaluation, design principles for the development of a governance for low-code platforms are derived. The principles summarize suggestions for designing such governance, providing evidence-based design knowledge for developing governance of low-code platforms.
Practice-based IS Research, action design research, case, end-user, end-user computing, end-user development, governance, low-code development platform, powerplatform
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