Towards Bridging the Gap Between BDA Challenges and BDA Capability: A Conceptual Synthesis Based on a Systematic Literature Review

Hirschlein, Nico
Meckenstock, Jan-Niklas
Dremel, Christian
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Big data analytics (BDA) and strategies for implementing BDA have received attention among researchers and practitioners alike. However, success stories pertaining to the implementation of BDA remain scarce. The notion of the BDA deployment gap describes the chasm between the attributed value potential of BDA and its actual value realization in organizational practice. Several research articles indicate challenges encountered in implementing BDA but lack a comprehensive systematization of BDA implementation-related challenges. This research article aims to systematize those challenges through a systematic literature review. As a result, we derived five overarching challenge dimensions related to the BDA implementation. Based on this systematization, we adopt the lens of a big data analytics capability and delineate future research avenues through the derivation of propositions on how to overcome the BDA implementation-related challenges, while enhancing our understanding about how to solve the BDA deployment gap.
Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Big Data: Innovation, Deployment, and Management, big data analytics capability, big data analytics implementation, conceptual mapping, implementation challenges, systematic literature review
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