Technostress and Multiple Organizational Social Media – Investigating Negative and Positive Stressors and Strains from a Person-Technology-Fit Perspective

Högberg, Karin
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Multiple organizational social media (MOSM) foster new ways of communication, interaction and new encounters for organizations that can cause stress. Earlier research on social media and technostress have focused on negative stressors, hence there is a lack of studies focusing on both positive and negative stressors deriving from social media. In this study, both negative and positive stressors and strains deriving from using MOSM are studied in an international hotel chain with employees in eight European countries over a period of seven years. The results indicate that techno stressors such as work overload, work-life conflict, and changing algorithms creates negative stressors. However, positive stressors such as the ability to create new ways of providing service was also found. The study makes a theoretical contribution to technostress research in the Information Systems research field by uncovering both positive and negative stressors and strains created over time as well as suggests a development of the Person-Technology fit model.
Digital and Social Media in Enterprise, multuple organizational social media, techno-distress, techno-eustress, technostress
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