A Social Citizen Dashboard for Participatory Urban Planning in Berlin: Prototype and Evaluation

Fürstenau, Daniel
Morelli, Flavio
Meindl, Kristina
Schulte-Althoff, Matthias
Rabe, Jochen
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Participatory urban planning enables citizens to make their voices heard in the urban planning process. The resulting measures are more likely to be accepted by the community. However, the parti-cipation process becomes more effortful and time-consuming. New approaches have been developed using digital technologies to facilitate citizen participation, such as topic modeling based on social media. Using Twitter data for the city of Berlin, we explore how social media and topic modeling can be used to classify and analyze citizen opinions. We develop a Social Citizen Dashboard allowing for a better understanding of changes in citizens’ priorities and incorporating constant cycles of feedback throughout planning phases. Evaluation interviews indicate the dashboard’s potential usefulness and implications as well as point to limitation in data quality and spur further research potentials.
Engaging Governance, dashboard, digitalization, participatory urban planning, social media, topic modeling
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